There is no such thing as perfect parent..just a real one is more than enough!

  Adrian filled our hearts with joy, as he was holding hands with his parents, finally reunited! Three years ago a young couple struggled with much life difficulties and through their ups and downs, a child was on its way. The couple split up and the young mother decided to continue alone the pregnancy by...

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Children and poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition & no education.

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Etablished in Tirana, Albania, ensuring to every child, young person, woman and family attain the right to protection, development and participation.

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NISMA ARSIS offers its services to children and young individuals who live under conditions of poverty, neglect, victimisation, conflict, disapproval, exploitation, isolation, racism, in contact with the law, without parental care, don’t have a family or a place to live.

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