Adrian filled our hearts with joy, as he was holding hands with his parents, finally reunited!

Three years ago a young couple struggled with much life difficulties and through their ups and downs, a child was on its way. The couple split up and the young mother decided to continue alone the pregnancy by interrupting all contact with whoever will suggest her to abort. She never had her mother beside her, and was determined to be one! He left and she suddenly had to provide life for herself. When the moment came, Gerta had no support, be it economically, family comfort or partner by her side. With a heavy psychological condition the only way-out she could think of, for her newborn was the residential care. At least, just enough time so that she could empower herself.

From time to time Gerta went to visit her baby boy, sometimes family followed, and sometimes her partner did. In one of the visits Nisma ARSIS Team found their way to them, and were willing to go along with, through their family reunification process. It was a long path to be followed, but the family did not give up, and the team did fully support. The couple was accompanied to each respective institution, free legal and administrative support was offered to them in order to accomplish each state criterion. The family was assessed and periodic family visits made possible that the team could evaluate the family’s progress. Gerta and her partner were providing enough financial income, so all they requested was psychosocial support, which was made available through an expert’s team of Nisma’s social workers and psychologists. After many procedures and practices..

..on 22 August 2019 Nisma ARSIS Team, the residential care institution staff  in Shkodër and all the child protection officers engaged on the process, witnessed the happiness in Adrian’s eyes snuggling into his mother’s chest!