Youth development

Youth Development

Youth development programs seek to improve the lives of adolescents and youth by meeting their basic physical, developmental, and social needs and by helping them to build the competencies needed to become successful adults.

Examples of youth development programs in our organization include community service, mentoring programs, and empowering programs. Our goal is to support the most vulnerable youth with programs that ensures economic empowerment, life skills development, and connection with their communities in three main programs:

Coaching for employment (C4E) providing 9 months coaching for vulnerable youth (like returnees, youth from Roma and Egyptian communities, youth without parental care, youth in the scheme of the economic aid, etc)
Youth participation in the communities in the municipality of Lushnje, a 9 month program which provides support to youth to participate in the political and social life of their city and actively involved in the actions which empowers them and the community itself
Multidisciplinary services in the center “House of Colors” for youth who have contact with the street and live in difficult situation.

Social workers and psychologists monitor progress and ensure that young people are connected to essential services. Additionally, the following are some of the services they regularly provide:

Develop service plans with each youth and his/her family and regularly monitor progress toward meeting established goals
Visit young people at their schools, connecting with appropriate school staff and faculty to ensure youth have their educational needs met
Ensure that the youth have access to basic need supports such as adequate food, clothing and hygiene services in the center “House of Colors”
The first model in Albania for the Family Support Center for every child in Residential Care Institution or at risk of institutionalization and their families.
Accompany or provide information for youth and their families, in order to attend medical, counseling, or court appointments
Make referrals to other internal VET programs as well as outside community service providers
Engage youth participants in regular mentoring and enrichment activities
Assist youth in attending regularly scheduled career exploration, life skills development and sport activities.
Strengthening communities and families creates a safety net that empowers children to experience fullness of life. By partnering with families and local community groups, we strengthen the good work they’re already doing.