Inspire Awards 2023

Nisma ARSIS has been selected for the Inspire Award 2023 for Partnerships and Inclusion, an initiative undertaken by UNICEF Albania with the support of This event was a celebration of the extraordinary work of every actor across Albania who works tirelessly to bring positive change to children’s lives and create a first-of-its-kind platform for sharing best practices and successful models while promoting partnerships, innovation, and sustainability.

Nisma ARSIS found this opportunity to join the INSPIRE awards which aim to connect people and ideas for every child in Albania and promote impactful projects that change children’s lives in Albania.

The model of services of House of Colors has been selected as one of the programs supporting children most at risk and resocialization services in Albania, as an important service in the child protection system, through the consolidation of partnerships and inclusive approach.

Certificate of Recognition for Nisma për Ndryshim Shoqëror ARSIS

Nisma për Ndryshim Shoqëror ARSIS has been honored with a “Certificate of Recognition” for their continuous work with minors in contact and conflict with the law for over a decade.This certificate serves as a testament to the dedication and impact of Nisma për Ndryshim Shoqëror ARSIS in creating positive change and ensuring the well-being of vulnerable youth with focus on children in contact/conflict with the law in Albania through its interventions in Police Stations, Mobile Units, Rehabilitation Programs and Emergency Services. 
Additionally, we express our heartfelt thanks to our partners, institutions, and colleagues within and outside the Nisma ARSIS organization. Throughout these years, their collaboration has been instrumental in working together to safeguard children facing legal challenges.We extend our sincere gratitude for this acknowledgment to Mrs. Klaudia Hasanllari, the General Director of the Center for the Prevention of Crimes against Minors and Youth, Mr. Ergys Qirci, the General Director of the Free Legal Aid Directorate, and of course, Mr. Ulsi Manja, the Minister of Justice, who recognize and support our mission.

Award: “Best Practices in Social Service Provision”

The organization Initiative ARSIS has been assessed by the by Partners Albania, on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Albania, within “Leave No One Behind”, a United Nations Joint Programme supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).
The practices were identified through an open application process whereby about 200 public and non-public providers of social care services in all municipalities all over the country, identified through the State Social Services database, were invited to submit their practices related to services for individuals, families and groups in need.
The selection with the third price and one 15 best practices was based upon satisfaction of criteria pre-established by experts involved in the initiative, such as services quality, suitability, innovation, results and impact, sustainability, cooperation with other stakeholders, opportunity for replication in other municipalities.