Providing services to improve physical and mental health for vulnerable children; a Human Story

Initiative ARSIS, through the Safe Housing Service, has been providing support for three children. Without parental care or facilities, R.U. (11 years old), A.U. (14 years) and M.U. (16 years) have received assistance at a very difficult time in their lives, as the mother was suffering from mental health issues, the father was an alcoholic and they lived in poor living conditions.

The parents, who were provided with recovery services, were approached in cooperation with the local structures, and the children were placed in the House of Colors Centre.

During their stay at the centre, children underwent specialized exams and tests, such as mental health, dermatological and dental tests. They participated in a range of everyday activities and in psychological sessions. This method has had a significant positive effect on their physical health and mental well-being.

“Previously, I cried all the time, and couldn’t sleep. I was given the opportunity to treat my teeth and skin during my stay at the centre. Now, I can eat without discomfort,” said R.U.

All of these services provide a clear picture of the needs of vulnerable children and an immediate solution for them to achieve the desired change and improve their lifestyle.

Initiative ARSIS through this programme is raising awareness among children, families, the community and all institutions where intervention is being applied, in the process of identification, resolvement and developpment of a constructive approach to children and families wherever they are.