Empowering Youth for Resilient Communities: School-Based Initiative Against Violent Extremism

The project, titled “Promoting Resilient Communities against violent extremism, Through Strengthening Youth,” has successfully established Youth Groups in 8 public primary and high schools. Comprising representatives from the Student Government, School Psychosocial Service, Teacher Coordinator Against Violent Extremism, and School Management Staff, these youth groups were formed through intensive meetings with students across different classes. The objective is to enhance the capacity of young individuals to contribute to both school and community life by planning and executing joint activities and fostering safe and resilient communities against violent extremism. Over two months, project staff conducted regular meetings with the youth groups, focusing on implementing a Strategy against Violent Extremism to transform schools into more friendly, inclusive, and resilient spaces. This initiative seeks to strengthen cooperation among school youth groups, ultimately improving their ability to make positive contributions to school life and the broader community.