Nisma ARSIS Raises Trafficking Awareness Across Albania: October 2020 Highlights

In October 2020, as part of the anti-trafficking month, the Initiative for Social Change ARSIS conducted impactful awareness-raising activities in Korça, Shkodër, and Tirana. Targeting schools, institutions, and public spaces, the initiative aimed to inform and elevate awareness about the alarming issue of human trafficking.

As a part of these efforts, ARSIS provided over 30 children from day-care centers with an engaging and educational experience at the House of Colours, the Multidisciplinary Community Centre, and the Gonxhe Bojaxhiu Centre. Through a Movie Day-themed event, children aged 9–18 watched age-appropriate films that shed light on trafficking and the reintegration process for victims into society.
Information sessions were organized in Shkodra and Tirana, reaching 220 elementary school children. The discussions delved into the various aspects of human trafficking, including forms of exploitation, support institutions, case reporting, and the challenging process of reintegration. EH (16 years old) expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you for informing us and telling us how difficult life is for a victim of trafficking. I will share the information you gave me with my friends at school.”

An innovative activity named “Book Corner” unfolded in the park by the Artificial Lake and Skanderbeg Square, Tirana. This initiative aimed to educate both young people and other age groups about human trafficking through the distribution of over 800 leaflets and 36 publications during the event.