Early Childhood Development and Care

Early childhood development and care center provides services to support children’s life from conception to age five (internationally eight) with more focus on Roma and Egyptian children in Tirana, Durres, Shkodra and Devoll Municipalities. Children are stimulated to master more and more complex levels of moving, thinking, feeling and interacting with people and objects in the environment. Professionals staff engaged not only to provide education, but also such as children’s health and nutrition, their evolving emotional and social abilities, as well as their minds, to move policy makers and program providers away from thinking exclusively in terms of pre-schooling.

Programs are focused on children aged 0-6, a period of tremendous growth in all areas of a child’s development.
Our ECCD interventions range from work with 0-6 year old as well as efforts to enable parents or caregivers to promote brain development, health and well-being as children prepare for school.

The project on early child care and development:

– Increase enrolment rates of Roma and Egyptian children aged 0-6 in four Municipalities in Albania,

– Increase the transition rate of Roma and Egyptian children aged 6 from pre-school to mainstream, non-segregated primary school,

– Reduce the school drop-out rate of Roma and Egyptian beneficiary children in 1st and 2nd grade of primary schools,

– Increase rate of positive parent-child communications.