Happy that together with the #Assembly we welcomed the “German school in Albania” and the “Kosova” school these two intense days. Discussions, fun, and ideas about democracy, active citizenship and children’s rights.

The “Democracy Workshop” program was originally created by the Austrian Parliament in 2007 to familiarize young people with the basics of democracy, parliamentary life and media competence in all its aspects. Based on the Austrian model, the program is being implemented in the Parliament of Albania. It is designed as a four-hour activity for primary school children. With the help of selected trainers, participants can learn how parliamentary democracy works through interactive activities. The project in Albania is being implemented by the ARSIS Initiative in partnership with the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM) in cooperation with the Austrian Parliament and Agentur Müllers Freunde, supported by the ERSTE Foundation @erstefoundation.


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