On world day for children’s rights, the children of the community centers met together to talk about rights through art and culture. In the Metropol theater, children addressed their rights and shared emotions and experiences with their peers.

Nisma për Ndryshim Shoqëror, ARSIS together with the representatives of the Community Centers of the municipality of Tirana, Durrës, Korcë and Vlorë, Terre des hommes and SHKEJ conveyed their messages in the context of World Children’s Day and the work achieved so far in the joint process for the protection, empowerment, reintegration and development of children identified in need of protection

This organization was an initiative undertaken by Nisma ARSIS in partnership with the Municipality of Tirana and the State Agency for Children’s Rights and Protection, with the participation of community centers in the Municipalities of Tirana, Durrës, Korçë and Vlorë and with the financial support of the Small Grants Program of the Commission for Democracy of the US Embassy in Tirana.