Education Program intents to provide an amiable, comprehensive, and fully accessible service to children in vulnerable situation including all Roma and Egyptian Children from age of 0 to 22 years.

Our program in education in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, local education institutions, communities, parents focuses on projects that:

– strengthened present capacities of professionals and other stakeholders in identification, support for the enrollment and reintegration in schools as well as to benefit from service which facilitates school attendance

– decrease the rate of children from Roma and Egyptian Communities who drop out of school, through awareness-raising campaigns and positive intervention

– promote children’s access and participation in public schools/kindergartens and reduce violence, discrimination and inequality against them, social exclusion, and poverty.

Primary and secondary informal education

Our education programs help school-age children develop vital skills to ensure their success both in school and out. NISMA ARSIS is ensuring children acquire foundational literacy, math and socio-emotional skills, which will prepare them for a lifetime of learning. Providing non-formal education, vocational training sessions and life skills development combined with recreational activities for vulnerable children and youth to facilitate access in mainstream schools. Introducing methodology to teachers, caregivers, parents and child protection services professionals through training programs and online platforms focusing on positive parenting and positive ways of disciplining of children.

Civic Education

NISMA ARSIS implements programs in cooperation with the offices of primary and secondary education so as to raise awareness of male and female students in relation to human rights, prevention of racism and violence at school and especially, the rights of children and young people.




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