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NISMA ARSIS, Municipality of Tirana ALO 116 111 for every case of children at risk

Call ALO 116 111 for every case of children at risk. The team of emergency service of NISMA ARSIS after every call reported by ALO 116 111 will provide immediate support to every child at risk through the team of professionals (psychologists and social workers) in the street, in the family or wherever the child is identified. Emergency services are provided with the support of the Municipality of Tirana in partnership with UNICEF.


Mobile School Platform in the situation of COVID-19

🎈We are back đŸ˜ƒđŸ‘©â€đŸ‘©â€đŸ‘§â€đŸ‘Š Back with our activities with Mobile School, near children with educative and psychosocial play games, learning through playing with children. IRMA Projekt đŸ 
Fun đŸ„
Education đŸ“š
A lot of care đŸ”

Terre des hommes – Albania
StreetwiZe ‱ Mobile School


Si tĂ« flasim rreth CORONA VIRUS – 19 me fĂ«mijĂ«t e vegjĂ«l

Si tĂ« flasim rreth CORONA VIRUS – 19 me fĂ«mijĂ«t e vegjĂ«l Ă«shtĂ« njĂ« udhĂ«zues i pĂ«rgatitur nga UNICEF.

Ky material në përmbajtje synon të japë udhëzime se si mund të flasim rreth Koronavirusit në mënyrë të thjeshtë, të qartë dhe bindëse, duke adresuar njëkohësisht emocionet që fëmijët mund të ndjejnë gjatë fëmijërisë së hershme


Kujdestaria Alternative, tryezë diskutimi në bashkinë Korçë

Ky aktivitet u zhvillua nga shoqata Nisma pĂ«r Ndryshim ShoqĂ«ror ARSIS, pjesĂ« e programit “Zhvillimi i shĂ«rbimit tĂ« kujdestarisĂ« alternative nĂ« ShqipĂ«ri” nĂ« kuadĂ«r tĂ« projektit “Zhvillimi i OSHC-ve pĂ«r familjet kujdestare nĂ« ShqipĂ«ri” i zbatuar nga SOS Fshatrat e FĂ«mijĂ«ve ShqipĂ«ri nĂ« partneritet me ShĂ«rbimin Ligjor Falas TiranĂ« (TLAS), financuar nga Bashkimi Evropian.

Profesionistë të shoqërisë civile në Bashkitë Durrës dhe Korçë, zhvilluan një sesion të hapur diskutimi, gjatë së cilit u parashtruan sfidat e hasura por edhe rekomandime të vlefshme mbi zhvillimin e procesit të përkujdesjes alternative dhe kujdestarisë në familje. Këto aktivitete do të vijojnë me qëllim informimin dhe përforcimin e bashkëpunimit ndërmjet të gjithë aktorëve të përfshirë në procesin e kujdestarisë alternative.

Menaxhimi i rasteve të fëmijëve në konflikt me ligjin

Menaxhimi i rasteve të fëmijëve në konflikt me ligjin është sfidues duke filluar me vështërsinë e raportimit dhe menaxhimit proaktiv deri në riintegrimin e tyre në shoqëri.

2 vellĂ«zĂ«r tĂ« mitur, A.R dhe L.R janĂ« identifikuar nga Ekipi i ShĂ«rbimit Emergjent tĂ« Nisma ARSIS, qĂ« ofron ndihmĂ« psikologjike dhe sociale nĂ« stacionet e policisĂ« nĂ« KamĂ«z dhe TiranĂ«, qĂ« merren me fĂ«mijĂ« nĂ« kontakt me ligjin. Ata janĂ« pjĂ«sĂ« e njĂ« familje e pĂ«rbĂ«rĂ« prej 5 vetash, me prindĂ«rit dhe njĂ« motĂ«r mĂ« tĂ« vogĂ«l. Hapat e parĂ« drejt kontakteve me ligjin kanĂ« qĂ«nĂ« kur fĂ«mijĂ«t ishin frekuentues tĂ« shkollĂ«s 9-vjeçare, nĂ« klasĂ« tĂ« 5 dhe tĂ« 7-tĂ«. Ata largoheshin vazhdimisht nga shkolla dhe pjesĂ«n mĂ« tĂ« madhe tĂ« kohĂ«s e kalonin nĂ« rrugĂ«, ku janĂ« identifikuar shpesh herĂ« nĂ« situatĂ« rruge. Me kalimin e kohĂ«s braktisĂ«n shkollĂ«n dhe kryenin veprime tĂ« cilat u pĂ«rshkallĂ«zuan duke i vendosur  fĂ«mijĂ«t pĂ«rballĂ« ligjit pĂ«r kryerjen e dĂ«nimit alternativ me ShĂ«rbim Prove.

Nisma ARSIS ka mundĂ«suar riintegrimin e  A.R dhe L.R si dhe tĂ« fĂ«mijĂ«ve tĂ« tjerĂ« nĂ«pĂ«rmjet punĂ«simit tĂ« pjesshĂ«m nĂ« biznes lokal, mbĂ«shtetjes psikologjike pĂ«r tĂ« miturit, kĂ«shillim pĂ«r prindĂ«rit, lehtĂ«simin e kontakteve ndĂ«rmjet tĂ« miturve dhe ShĂ«rbimit tĂ« ProvĂ«s, proces ky i zhvilluar nĂ«n Monitorimin e vazhdueshĂ«m tĂ« PunonjĂ«sit tĂ« Mbrojtjes sĂ« FĂ«mijĂ«s. “PlotĂ«simi i kohĂ«s sĂ« tĂ« miturve nĂ«pĂ«rmjet aktiviteteve tĂ« cilat nxjerrin nĂ« pah aftĂ«sitĂ« e e tyre nĂ« punĂ«n, pĂ«rforcon imazhin e tyre pĂ«r veten duke rritur vetĂ«vlerĂ«simin dhe motivimin pĂ«r t’ia dalĂ«” thotĂ« Ardit Reka, PunonjĂ«s Social.

Funksionimi dhe qëndrueshmëria e këtij mekanizmi mbështetës, gjithëpërfshirës lehtëson dhe përforcon besimin e të miturve në sistemin e mbrojtjes.

“Tani kemi shokĂ« tĂ« rinj mĂ« tĂ« mirĂ« tĂ« cilĂ«t nuk na krijojnĂ« probleme dhe na ofrojnĂ« mundĂ«si qĂ« ne tĂ« mbĂ«shtesim familjen tonĂ«â€ thonĂ« A.R dhe L.R

Case management of children in conflict with the law

Managing children in conflict with the law is a challenging process that ranges from the difficulty of reporting and proactive case management, to their reintegration into society.

Two young brothers (AR and LR) were identified by the Emergency Service Team of ARSIS Initiative that provides psychological and social assistance to the police stations in Kamza and Tirana, that deal with children in contact with the law. AR and LR belong to a family of five members, together with their parents and younger sister. The first time that they came in contact with the law was during the fifth and seventh grades of elementary school. At that time, the brothers were constantly dropping out of school and were identified as ‘children in a street situation’. Later on, they engaged in actions that brought them in conflict with the law, where they underwent an alternative sentence through the Probation Service.

Nisma ARSIS is creating opportunities for the protection and reintegration for both AR and LR, as well as other youths in contact with the law, enabling them to work part-time in local businesses, supporting them with psychological counseling, providing guidance to their parents and facilitating the communication between the juveniles and the Probation Service. “Occupying the time of minors with activities that highlight their work skills, strengthens their self-image by increasing their self-esteem and motivation to succeed,” says Ardit Reka, Social Worker engaged with Nisma ARSIS.

The functionality and the sustainability of this comprehensive support mechanism facilitates and strengthens the trust of juveniles in the protection system. “We now have new and better friends who don’t lead us into trouble, but only share with us opportunities and support for ourselves and our family,” say AR and LR.

Call for Mentoring for IRIS Network members

IRIS Network is publishing a Call for Mentoring – assisting CSOs in the acquirement of licenses for provision of social services (fulfillment of quality standards) and mentoring in the overall strategic development of the CSO in question”.  The Call is open in the framework of the project: “IRIS NETWORKing – CSOs for protection sensitive migration management“
Please find more information on the following link.

Call for tenderers Consultant for mentoring

IRIS Network is publishing a call for the tenderers for the service of “Consultant for mentoring – assisting CSOs in the acquirement of licenses for provision of social services (fulfillment of quality standards) and mentoring in the overall strategic development of the CSO in question”. Tender is open in the framework of the project: “IRIS NETWORKing – CSOs for protection sensitive migration management“.
The Contracting Authority is tasked to organise the Capacity Building of CSOs providing social services activities. One of the measures is Mentoring program – Assisting CSOs in the acquirement of licenses for the provision of social services, fulfillment of quality standards, and Mentoring in the overall strategic development of the CSO in question.
Please find more information on the following link.

Providing services to improve physical and mental health for vulnerable children; a Human Story

Initiative ARSIS, through the Safe Housing Service, has been providing support for three children. Without parental care or facilities, R.U. (11 years old), A.U. (14 years) and M.U. (16 years) have received assistance at a very difficult time in their lives, as the mother was suffering from mental health issues, the father was an alcoholic and they lived in poor living conditions.

The parents, who were provided with recovery services, were approached in cooperation with the local structures, and the children were placed in the House of Colors Centre.

During their stay at the centre, children underwent specialized exams and tests, such as mental health, dermatological and dental tests. They participated in a range of everyday activities and in psychological sessions. This method has had a significant positive effect on their physical health and mental well-being.

“Previously, I cried all the time, and couldn’t sleep. I was given the opportunity to treat my teeth and skin during my stay at the centre. Now, I can eat without discomfort,” said R.U.

All of these services provide a clear picture of the needs of vulnerable children and an immediate solution for them to achieve the desired change and improve their lifestyle.

Initiative ARSIS through this programme is raising awareness among children, families, the community and all institutions where intervention is being applied, in the process of identification, resolvement and developpment of a constructive approach to children and families wherever they are.



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